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Style :
Chanson, Jazz
Label :

The band

Date of creation : 2006
Origin : Belgique
Number of musicians : 5


Manager/Agent : Joelle Dagry
Label : Label
Contact : IGLOO Records
Email : info@sowarex.be
Phone : +32 2 538 90 01
Fax : +32 2 538 57 96



The word “chanteuse” is often bandied about. De Biasio is probably the textbook definition: dark, sensual, jazzy. Steeped in the heritage of jazz singers, her first album “A Stomach is Burning” is a moody, sparse jazz poem in shades of blue.

she took singing lessons at the Brussels Royal Conservatory, where she met Steve Houben, one of Belgium’s key jazzmen. After 3 years, she was awarded the first prize in singing with distinction. A long tour of Russia followed with the Orange Kazoo collective. This turned out to be such an intense musical and human adventure that she came out of it even


2007 A Stomach is burning (IGL193)

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