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francodiff.org relays French media recommendations to media worldwide. Each month, find out which are France Inter, MTV, Nova, RFI and Technikart's favorite songs from the francophone area.

  • France Inter

    France Inter est une radio généraliste publique nationale. La musique y tient une place très importante : classique, reggae, rock, techno, chanson, jazz... une douzaine d'émissions et plus de 30 heures d’'antenne par semaine sont consacrées à la musique.

    L'axe principal de l'équipe de la programmation musicale de France Inter est la découverte et la mise an avant des nouveaux talents et nouvelles productions francophones.
    France Inter "la différence".

  • MTV

    MTV France includes MTV, MTV Base, MTV Pulse & MTV Idol, a grouping of music networks ranging from hip hop to rock, through French variety, pop and electronic. The MTV France channel package is #1 on all cable and satellite TV audiences.

    Website : www.mtv.fr
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  • Radio Nova

    Libre depuis 1981, Radio Nova est à l'écoute des rythmes de la sono mondiale pour débusquer raretés, découvertes atypiques, mais aussi les grands succès de demain.

  • RFI

    RFI is the first francophone radio worldwide, which reports 24/7 international current news. It both broadcasts a wide variety of Francophone music in all its programs and even in the shows spoken in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Arabic etc.

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  • Trax Magazine

    Trax is an independent French monthly magazine created in 1997 and dedicated to electronic music and its cultures. It has been the leading publication about those cultures in France ever since. Trax was awarded Best Magazine at the House Music Awards in 2005. Precursor magazine, pioneer of new musical trends both electronic from hip-hop to house music, it is also open to other cultural movements via the prism of music: graphics, fashion, digital arts, film, literature and new technologies. In 2014, the Magazine has launched a new print version and its website traxmag.fr

    Website: www.traxmag.fr